Hi Honey!

This is us

We’re a relentless & impulsive bunch, creating connections with every story we tell. Through striking visuals and expressive storytelling methods, we focus on building brands, crafting experiences around brands, and helping brands better express their stories.

Tick Tock!

Did someone mention values?

Story is Mufasa

We love stories, we love creation, and we love the creation story, so we’re creating our story creating other stories; that’s our story. :)  Stories are at the core of anything and everything that exists, the ability to tell a good story is the most powerful tool anyone can have and we believe in its infinite power.

Create experiences, be an experience.

Words and images only stay with us for a while, but experiences stay with us forever. We believe in creating the best experiences for people through every possible touchpoint.

‘Stewpid’ ideas are the most valuable.

You think that idea is stupid? That’s what we like. Don’t be shy, spit out those unfiltered thoughts

Feel free to be crazy.

The freedom to be crazy and carefree is a gift real life and adulthood takes away from most of us. We still have ours intact and that is why we’re different.

ABI'Litty'; Always Be Innovating, it’s Litty

There's something sexy about new and scary ideas that keeps us up at night. We're always looking for new ways to do new things. We create the odds

Collaboration over competition, always

It's just simply that. We love working together with everyone.


Meet the honeys

Mr. Lime, the one who turns lemons into blue banana smoothies.Our lead strategist who has identity design at the center of his heart.Ignore the face, he is the life of the party.

Benjamin Arthur

Co-Founder, Lead Strategist

This dude has motion sickness. This affects his thinking pattern, which makes for the awesome ideas he churns out. Meet ed. 2d motion designer, lead creative, and plantain chips supplier. (which he never brings).

Emmanuel Dankyi

Co-Founder, Lead Creative

Dewdropzz in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, beautiful words, and a cup of lemonade in the evening. Her canvas is her notebook filled with vivid imagery crafted with words that can make you cry, laugh, fall in love, or sometimes just make you scream "What The Fruit juices!!!" Meet Dewwi; copywriter and waakye broker.

Maame Serwaa


3D? Comedy? DC? Mendez is the guy. His mind works in x,y, and z dimensions.No need for youtube or tv when he's around. He's all the fun & entertainment you need for your day.

Mendez Cakson

3D Artist

When everybody goes right, this young man takes a left. He is the kind of weird you need when boiling the creative juice. Meet Steph, Designer, comic book nerd, master of philosophies, and the sole distributor of ’pirated’ movies. 😈

Stephen Baah

Visual Artist

Brent is a chief worrier and waakye enthusiast. He designs, he animates and he loves the camera. With a mouth that pierces the soul, you don't want to get into a debate with this guy. You will lose even if you win.

Cobbie Brent

Designer | Cinematographer

 You know those clients who don't pay on time? it's this champ's job to hunt them.👹 He also sees to it that we're happy while we create. Meet Stone, our cute-furry teammate.🐶


Cute-furry Teammate