Brand Overview
Swami India Ghana Limited is a real estate company providing affordable housing for all. From luxury 1&2 bedroom apartments to 3&4 bedroom houses. They develop and manage premier real estate with a focus on maximizing the customer experience in addition to the investment and operational performance of the asset. They also integrate leading-edge real estate technologies which enables them to be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability – benefiting not only their tenants, residents and business partners, but also the communities in which they operate. Their two local projects are Paradise Estate & Solaris
The Challenge presentedSwami India Ghana wanted to boost sales through their social media and other digital channels such as newsletters, SEO & SEM and blog posts. Their old visual direction on their social media didn’t match their sale projections and they presented lime and honey with the challenge of handling Swami's digital marketing. From captivating newsletters, blog posts, SEO & SEM & social media marketing.Why did they chose LH?
The SolutionOur solution was to provide content based on the interests and nature of the Target audience who were primarily Gen X and Millennials. After digging deeper, we realized they were lovers of luxury, comfort and are technologically adept. They are also moved by Convenience, Simplicity and Luxury. Based on this, our objectives were to:Generate leads and convert them to customersGrow the brand to be the thought leads in the real estate industryCreate brand awareness and brand affinityThe language used in all our messaging was conventional and preaching convenience, simplicity and luxury. It also had a professional, confident and formal tone.We showcased the brand by selling the customer advantages and key facts about the brand to as many people as often as possible and inspired the audience to believe the brand experience promised by being big and bold in our media approach. We engaged with the target audience using media to show our availability and accessibility.Our Big idea, #BuildFutureNow, was to embrace the various life has to give and build on it hence, securing futures of our coming generations. Based on our big idea, we came up with a series of campaigns such us; Live Rent Free, Lord Of Keys and My Dream Home which focused on building an ideal brand position in the minds of their customers.  Our campaigns helps us to achieve our set targets through reach, engagement and tactical targeting.